MR CLEAN-R Registry

Kars Compagne

During his bachelor Medicine (2012-2015) at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam, Kars started as a student on data collection and analysis of baseline images of patients within the MR CLEAN trial supervised by prof. dr. van der Lugt. After obtaining his bachelor degree, Kars started his master Health Sciences (specialization Clinical Epidemiology) at the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences (NIHES). In the second year of this master, he already embarked on a PhD project on January 1st 2017 at the department of Radiology and Neurology under supervision of promotors prof. dr. A. van der Lugt and prof. dr. D.W. Dippel. His research will focus on imaging characteristics and etiology of acute ischemic stroke patients due to large vessel occlusion.

After finishing his PhD studies, Kars will continue his clinical internships to obtain his medical degree.