MR CLEAN-R Registry

Rationale and Aim

After the success of the MR CLEAN trial, followed by the positive results from ESCAPE, EXTEND-IA, SWIFT-PRIME and REVASCAT, there is a momentum in intra-arterial treatment (IAT) for acute anterior circulation ischemic stroke in the Netherlands. With proof of a beneficial effect now available, the full implementation and integration of IAT in the Dutch health care system has started. The purpose of the MR CLEAN-R: A post-trial Registry of the Multicenter Randomized Clinical trial of Intra-arterial treatment for Acute ischemic stroke in the Netherlands is to monitor implementation and safety of IAT in a well-defined set of patients according to explicit criteria, comparable to the MR CLEAN trial population. MR CLEAN-R is a multicenter registry, with all hospitals from the MR CLEAN trial being involved. In the period following the last inclusion of the MR CLEAN trial this study will register all patients with acute ischemic stroke caused by proximal intracranial occlusion who undergo IAT in the Netherlands.